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Late Night Rabbit

Once upon a midnite habit, there lurked a goofy Late Night Rabbit... who obviously has no shame in posting quotes about himself.

“His artistic sensibilities range from surrealism to digital media. This blend of influences makes for a unique style with an inevitably contemporary sensibility. From his work with digital media Night Rabbit has come away with a sharpened sense of gradient steps and color contrasts. His "digital gestures," such as creating gradients through steps of flat color are then interchanged with more traditional painterly elements. His connection to surrealism is still a strong one made evident by his use of the figure. Many of his works portray a visceral connection to the body, and its desire to express emotion and integrate within its surroundings. His female forms are often seductive within their overt stylization. They are like actors within his digital drama. To keep his work interesting, he never settles on one particular theme or subject and thus his images are always new and unexpected. Night Rabbit is just as comfortable working with non-objective imagery as he is representational imagery. He constantly invents new devices for breaking up the surface of his paintings. In some works he actually paints the same image across two canvases with a space in between. This and other formal devices make his work consistently vibrant and surprising.”

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Bunny falls off a cliff ablaze while arguing with a smart-mouthed blobfish.

“When I hear the phrase "jaded artwork" (this isn't the first time i've heard it), it makes me wonder what the artist is thinking - is he or she saying that it's worn out, or repetitious? Or maybe they mean to say it's excessive - I just don't know, but their use of the phrase is, at least, thought provoking and that just might be the point. An artist living in Brooklyn, NY who's trained in the fine arts and web design, is the guy behind today's pick which he describes as "exposing the jaded artwork." And artwork it is, mostly acrylics on canvas with beautifully done abstract flavor. The site is designed well and the quality of the scans is excellent. It's all very colorful and thought provoking like the site's description. In the end, I wished I could see all the works on a real wall, up close and fullsize - The site has, indeed, interested me in his art and in that respect, has done its job well.”

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